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Neon Painted Face

Affirming to Sexual and Gender Diversity 

I welcome and celebrate folks of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Let's work towards living the most authentic and congruent life possible!


Sometimes we don't feel these aspects of our identity need direct attention in therapy, but we just want to work with someone who strives to stay informed and has lived experience as a Queer person. 


Sometimes our experiences as Queer folks call us to uncover, address and work towards healing internalized oppression and stigma, or to grieve and give voice to our anger or confusion. We may have to navigate relationships with colleagues, friends or family members who have a hard time accepting or understanding LGBTQ2S+ identities.  


I am also sex positive, kink friendly, and enjoy working with folks in non-monogamous relationships. 

For Transgender, gender diverse, and non-binary folks I strive to keep in mind and support the additional layers of minority stress that is experienced with these intersections of identity. Part of my work also includes remaining connected with trans affirming community supports and physicians in order to help connect folks who might be needing affirming care beyond individual therapy. Supporting folks in addressing Gender Dysphoria and Gender Incongruence has been a large part of my practice since 2016. 

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