Loosen the shackles of your past experiences and current symptoms to live in the present moment with as much authenticity and freedom as is possible for you.

Respond rather than react automatically in ways that feel painful to you or are harming your relationships.

Heal from the ways that you’ve been treated or how you are being seen by others that is damaging your confidence and holding you back from being who you really are.

See and respond beyond how you presently think and feel about yourself and your relationships in order to have a different life.

A small part of you may know you have an abundance of skills, strengths, incredible qualities and resources, but there are other parts that keep you from really believing it.

Let's amplify those parts of you that will bring you closer towards your strengths, your self, your relationships, and your most fulfilled life possible. 

Natalie Forcier, M.Ed.
Registered Psychologist

S E S S I O N S   O F F E R E D
O N L I N E   I N   
T H E  N W T   &   A L B E R T A

I N   P E R S O N  A N D  O N L I N E  I N   C A L G A R Y
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