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I am a University of Alberta graduate, having earned my Masters in Counselling Psychology in 2015. Since then, I have been gaining experience in both private practice and post-secondary institutions. In our work, rather than pathologize, we will honour all parts of you and have compassion for how they have been adaptive or are serving a particular function. Whatever you decide doesn't serve you anymore we will work to move forward from, and identify what might be keeping you stuck.


We may then explore different ways of being that are aligned with your developing goals and values. Different ways of being could include: learning and practicing new skills like assertiveness, boundaries, mindfulness, stress reduction, emotion regulation, or self-compassion; increasing flexibility in perspective; connecting with community or building resource; clarifying your values; expressing yourself or living in ways that are more congruent with who you are; unlearning internalized oppression; living in the present rather than re-living traumatic or upsetting memories; reducing behaviours you feel hurt you or others; and thinking and feeling differently about yourself. I often slow things down in sessions so we can really understand what you are experiencing (thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories), and how we can collaboratively use that information to support your growth. 


Though we can share collective experiences, the narrative of your life is unique and the emotional truths shaped by your experiences are distinctly your own. You deserve to explore how the origins of the beliefs, emotions and behaviours that are troubling you are not solely your responsibility, but also a product of harmful or hurtful people, experiences, and contexts. You also deserve to be supported to live a fulfilled and meaningful life no matter what your history was or present circumstance are. My role is to empower you to do that by holding a mirror to your innate strengths, wisdom, worth, and value and by providing guidance, resources, and skills when needed.

My clients know that I seek to deeply understand how historical, familial, relational, cultural and social contexts have shaped ways of thinking, feeling, or responding that have been adaptive but no longer serve them. My goal is to help you create and live the most present, authentic, connected, congruent, and fulfilled life possible - whatever that means to you.




I value personal reflection on how my own experiences and training may introduce bias in our work, and I strive to avoid or address these biases as much as possible. When people work with me, I want them to feel they are connected to another human. This means I own up to my flaws, mistakes, and areas of inexperience.

enjoy learning about the pets, people, communities, spiritual practices, interests, and activities that my clients find resourcing.


I want you to feel that in session all parts of your are welcome and that you can be your authentic self. No matter where you are at in your journey, or what shows up in our sessions, it all belongs

Your values and your hopes for change or healing will be the compass in our work. We will work towards transforming or dismantling painful memories, beliefs, emotions, or patterns of behaviour. We will also carefully consider if and how people, work spaces, communities, institutions, or systems have contributed to some of the challenges you face.

The journey we take will integrate the evidence based approaches I have trained in - and very importantly - our work will be guided by the wisdom of your own mind, body and emotions. Your own understanding of the creation or causes of your pain and suffering should always be at the center of our work together. 

S E S S I O N S   O F F E R E D
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