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EMDR Consulting

Now accepting new consultees working towards EMDR certification, becoming a consultant, or who are accruing hours required for basic training.


I received my basic EMDR training from Roy Kiessling in 2018. In 2022, I became EMDR Certified and in 2023 an accredited Consultant. I am also involved on the training team as a coach for EMDR Consulting. 

My areas of specialization and interest are in working with Sexual and Gender minorities, attachment injuries and trauma, wounding within family of origin (childhood abuse and neglect), structural dissociation, parts/ego state work, CPTSD, interpersonal difficulties, anxiety, emotion regulation, communication, boundaries, and assertiveness.


I often integrate EMDR interventions taught by Jim Knipe, Janina FischerKathy Steele, Laurel Parnell and Robin Shapiro. I work with adolescents and adults  15 years and older. Please see About Me to learn more about who I am! 

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