I first learned about the power of symbolism in a very conscious way during my post secondary studies. Anthropology courses in Religion, Witchcraft and the Occult highlighted to me the power that objects can take on once associations are formed, and can then inspire certain experiences. I knew this before but less consciously. Experiencing a birch tree as a symbol of peace because I would gaze up at them from the comfort of the grass as a child and feel great stillness. The wafer received at catholic mass a symbol for the body of Christ. A single ghost light on an empty stage in a darkened theater. Just seeing or even thinking about these objects lights up a whole network of memories, experiences, sensations, and emotions. Symbols have the power to connect us with intention and experience. 

When working on the logo for Alchemy Psychological, I wanted it to be a symbol that I could look at and immediately be connected with how I view myself and my clients both as humans in a particular working relationship focused on collaboration, healing, growth, change and transformation.